Monday, April 1, 2013

Home to You

Here's a prayer request from our team leader, Sara.

This week, please pray for the children of CRAN. We know that tomorrow (April 2), three of these children will be joining their forever family. This will be a huge transition for them, and they are probably feeling a mixture of many different emotions. Pray for them as they say good-bye to their home for the past several years, and pray for them to bond with their new family. We also want to remember the other children that will remain at the orphanage. We pray that God will comfort them as they say good-bye (probably for forever) to these 3 friends, and that they will remember God's promise to them that they have a hope and a future. Waiting, as we all know, can be so difficult! It is a miracle that these 3 now have a new family, but also heart-breaking to think about the many, many more that still need homes.

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