Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 2 in Bogota

The overall day went okay. We visited Castle de Marroquin, which was beautiful! God's nature is so amazing! We spent time at Guatavita- a lagoon where an Indian Chief was painted with resin and gold and jumped into the lagoon as a sacrifice. This was an interesting location, but my attitude was awful. The higher up in the mountain we walked, the harder it was to breathe and the colder it got. We stayed at the Lagoon for the afternoon and went to eat at a mountainside restaurant. We ate black sausage (tastes like cornbeef), cheese pockets, coca-cola, and salted potatoes. It was so delicious! At night we walked to the local grocery store. There was a family outside asking for money. The youngest was a girl about two years old. Colombians thought it was colder (mid 50's) so they all had on winter coats and scarves. This was an new experience for me- what can I do? We couldn't do much, but it stuck with me nonetheless.

I am loving it here- I can't really explain why-it's different and beautiful but like home in a few ways.

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