Sunday, August 11, 2013

A HUGE Thank-you and Day One

First things first, let me say so many thanks to everyone who prayed for our trip over the past few months, sent donations, and read our updates. We were able to genuinely love people for who they were during our time in Bogota. We shared meals, laughter, and tears as brothers and sisters of Christ. We were also fortunate to have little to no major issues with travel or sickness, and weather cooperated to our advantage. Without your support, we would probably have had a difficult time, but we did not.

(I will share some of what I wrote in my journal)

Wow, what a day! I'm still on the plane flying over Panama. There's been a lot of patience required to get here- long trips, delays and many nerves. (Thank-you Shauna for being my travel mom for my first out of country experience and first plane ride!) I not only saw that I enjoy flying, but that God has been with me this entire time, and not just in the airport. There will be many joyful tears (and maybe some sad ones) Show me your path for me regarding children and adoption- give me a heart that exceeds myself and travels beyond my safe home in the US. help me be a friend, not a complainer, open my heart for Your love. I am so excited for this journey You have brought me on- 6 years of prayer and study and I'm going to the orphanages! I thought my life was going the opposite direction from everything I had planned- yet Your plans are so much bigger than mine will ever be! Thank your for giving me this heart that cries!

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