Friday, November 8, 2013

A Dream Defered, or rather, Continued...

I've had a lot of hesitation about posting this week. Maybe I'm just scared of rejection, or that I haven't prayed enough before I set my thoughts out into the world. But here goes. For several years now, I've been dreaming of opening my own bookstore. Originally, I wanted it to be only a bookstore- then it turned into a bookstore with music, arts and crafts, and body care- things that make people happy and have a higher quality of life. I've also been getting to know several people in the area who are passionate about adoption ministry as I am. This week, God merged the two passions together. My goal is to run a business where people feel free to donate gently used items, and the profits would be given to families seeking to adopt. I prayed about which area to specifically serve. God reminded me of the Christian family unit in the US. The truth I have seen on several occasions is that more families would be open to adoption if they knew finances were not a stumbling block. At this point in my life, I am six months from graduation and I am moving back to my parents house. I have numerous loans to pay off and the idea of getting this up and running is both exciting and overwhelming. But just as God has slowly revealed his dreams with mine through the years, I know it will require time, patience, and prayer. I pray that this will be blessed by God and that I would find supporters who value this vision despite my inabilities.

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